Sacred Space and The Covenant Of Coffee

There is nothing more divine than the smell of brewing coffee.

It’s late morning when the door opens, and your best friend walks into your house. You set out two cups, filling them with the cherished brew.

After adding a heaping pile of cream, you both sit down on the couch, put your feet up on the coffee table, and the conversation begins.

It could be a mundane silly chat, or it could be deep, soul-opening discussions. It doesn’t matter though, because it’s the energy of the space that makes all the difference.

It’s a space where you can be yourself.

Where you can talk openly about how you’re feeling about what’s going on in your life. It’s a space for secrets, revelations, and the sacred bond of friendship.

These are the things you would only ever say to your best friend.

In this sacred space, The Covenant of Coffee.

This is the kind of space that is opened when you have a Tarot reading.

It’s the intimate connection that we make together when I delve deeply into your psyche using the symbols in the cards. When I ask you profoundly personal questions, and help you receive the messages that will guide you on your path.


I would be honoured to hold sacred space for you.


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