Evening Draw: Five and Four of Wands

Today was a wonderful day. We celebrated my in-laws 35th anniversary with a family party. I truly cherish times like this where the wine and conversation flow freely. I also had an interesting talk with my grandmother-in-law about friendship and death. It might sound off-putting, but we had a great talk.
I really think it’s important that I spend more time with her. She’s a wonderful woman, who leads an incredible, socially active life. I feel a deep connection with her, and I am plagued with guilt that we don’t spend more time together, especially since I’m not working right now.

Evening card draw: Five of Wands


Tricksy cards! This seems like the kind of card that I should have pulled last night, with everything being off and all my inner turmoil!

This card makes me think of some of the behind-the-scenes energies that might be present between certain family members, even during this time of celebration. This is the second night in a row that I’ve felt disappointed with the cards.

The five indicates that there might be some kind of challenge, or a test, however I’m not sure how that would relate to a party setting.

Taking a deeper look at the card, it makes me feel like there is a lot of uncertainty among the members from the party. Like a lot of the people might not quite know their place among the others; they don’t know where they stand.

Upon asking the cards for a clarification, I pulled the four of wands.


To me, this card represents building long-lasting family foundations, and celebration. Thirty five years is quite an achievement, and there were four generations of our family there tonight. I had such an amazing time taking so many pictures of everyone.

I also notice that both cards were wands, which symbolizes passion, love, and being fruitful. (Hello four generations!) When I look at them together, it makes me think that even though there might be underlying resentments (possibly old fights, and maybe long-held grudges too) in the end, it doesn’t matter because we’ve all worked together to build an incredible family. We love each other very much, despite our differences.

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