The Daily Draw: The Page of Swords and Page of Cups

Today was a long day. Not physically, by any means, but mentally. I was off my game, frustrated, and antsy.

Draw of the Day: Page of Swords.


My first reaction when I pulled this card was, honestly, disappointment. I was expecting something a little more somber, I guess?

Going a little more in depth though, I realize the sword means communication, and mental aspects. I was drained mentally by the day, and I feel restless.

I applied for a job today. (I desperately need to bring in more money to supplement for our family.)
I found the process exhausting because I had to fill out a 12-page form of Meyer’s Briggs-type questionnaire.
I’m afraid to to get a conventional job, because I haven’t (technically) worked in over a year. But I have to. It’s non-negotiable at this point. I hope this card represents the challenge, but also the reward of going through such a mentally draining process.

I have so many ideas. Businesses I want to start, so I don’t have to be beholden to anyone. My copywriting business is flopping (more like has flopped) and I want to badly to start a crochet business. I’ve been working hard to stock my etsy shop with crochet items so I can sell them in the fall.

Now I’ve stumbled onto Tarot and I’m madly in love. I’m been immersing myself in all things Tarot, and I think that along with a LOT of learning, I also have a natural intuition that I can tap into when it comes to the reading the cards.

I need practice before I could even think of charging for a reading, of course. And the idea intrigues me to no end!

The page of swords represents all my ideas, and the energy that I get swept up with when I put in some effort.

What can I do to pursue my goals? Card draw: Page of Cups.


The beginning of a creative project. The calm water in the background of this card makes me think of following my intuition; following the ideas. I am always open to spontaneous bursts of creativity, but it’s not necessarily a good thing. I’m in the mind of a child stomping their feet, “I want to do it NOW.”

Maybe I could do both; a crochet business, and a Tarot reading business.

I also think there is significance that both my draws were page cards.

It signifies that something new is definitely starting; something both creative and intellectual.

I am open to the wisdom of the Universe, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for signs that I’m walking the right path.

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